Drain cleaning in Granite Bay, CA

As a plumbing company one of the most common services we do are cleaning drains. From our experience a slow draining drain is a sign that your drain will eventually become completely backed up. Using a commercial drain snake is fine, however it’s critical to get your drain cleaned ASAP if you need to continually use it. All Phase Plumbing offers professional drain cleaning services to fix your clogged drain.

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Drain cleaning service in Granite Bay

Since 1996 All Phase plumbing has been providing reliable drain cleaning services to homeowners throughout the Granite Bay area. A clogged drain is without a doubt the most common issue we’ve had Granite Bay homeowners contact us about. They’ve usually tried many “solutions” before contacting us. Things like draino can usually unclog the drain in the short term.

These are not actual solutions to the problem as drain isn’t actually cleaned, you’re just putting a bandaid on the problem. We invite you to learn more about or approach to clogged drains, and to understand what makes All Phase Plumbing one of Granite Bay’s highest rated plumbers.

How our drain cleaning service works in Granite Bay

Drain cleaning services for any plumber are all about clearing out debris and build-up in your clogged drains. Our plumbers specifically can remove any unwanted debris from your kitchen or bathroom sink drain, including your shower drain or any other area of your plumbing system.

At All Phase Plumbing specifically there are a number of tools our certified plumbers use to clear up your clogged drains. Depending on the severity and location of the clogged drain we will either use a professional-grade drain snake, or even a rooter. Hydro jetting is also an option, but that is reserved for tougher clogs. We usually only use it for sewer lines backed up with tree roots.

Professional grade Granite Bay drain snake service

As stated earlier we will use the right tool for the job. If our certified professional plumbers think a drain snake can get the job done, that’s what we’ll use. A drain snake (also referred to as an auger), is essentially just a long tool our plumbers send down your drain pipes to where the clog is located. We’re able to rotate the drain snake, which breaks up the stuck material and wraps it around the drain snake head. We’ll do this a couple times to make sure the clog is completely gone.

Most of the debris will get stuck on the drain snake head, but some debris are left in the pipe. The debris can be safely washed down the drain without causing any damage.

Jetting services in Granite Bay

Some issues with clogged drains can’t be solved with a drain snake, so we offer jetting services in Granite Bay to deal with those extremely difficult blockages. Things like grease build-up on your pipe walls, or tree roots are situations when we will use our jetting services to clean out your drain.

Sewer line services in Granite Bay

Sometimes a clogged drain can take place down in your sewer line. These are deeper and more complex clogs can wreak havoc through your entire plumbing system. Our plumbers have the skill and technology to address sewer line clogs. We usually use our hydro jetting plumbing service to address these more advanced drain clogs.

Signs you need to call a plumber to unclog your drain

One of the most obvious signs you need to call a plumber for a drain cleaning service from a company like All Phase Plumbing is when you use products like Draino, or an a consumer grade snake to clean your drain but your drain keeps getting clogged. The sooner you act one a clogged drain the easier it is to fix the problem, as acting sooner prevents any further damage to your home plumbing system.

Some signs of a clogged drain that need attention by a professional plumber:

  • A gurgling style sound coming from your drain, even when you’re not using it.
  • Water is backing up when you use other plumbing devices. For example, when you flush your toilet and your sink backs up.
  • There is a sewage like smell coming from your drain.
  • Pools of water on your lawn. This would suggest there is a problem with your main plumbing line and needs immediate attention from a professional plumber.
  • Your drains are draining, but extremely slow.

Why call a plumber when I can DIY drain clean?

There are scenarios when you can do a DIY plumbing job and clean your drain yourself. However, it’s very important to use methods that will not damage your pipes.

Things to avoid when cleaning your drain at home:

  • Do not use any store bought drain cleaning chemical like Draino. These products are effective and will seem to look like they’re working, but they don’t address the main problem. Since products like Draino use harsh chemicals they can also damage your pipes and end up causing more damage in the long run
  • Vinegar and baking soda can also be used to fix a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink.
  • A store bought snake will also work, but since these are consumer grade they wont be as effective as a professional plumbing snake (as these are pretty expensive!)

If any of those methods listed above don’t work, or your drain keeps clogging even after using these DIY plumbing methods, it’s time to call a professional drain cleaning service.

How much does drain cleaning cost?

In short, it depends on the complexity and severity of the problem. Depending on the type of drain that’s clogged, and how severe it is, we need to use different techniques to get your drains unclogged.

We give a free drain cleaning estimate personalized to the specifics of your clogged drain. We don’t want you to be caught off guard with hidden fees or costs, so we’re always up front with our pricing information. Reach out to our plumbing team and we’ll get back to you with a free estimate.

Hire a Granite Bay drain cleaning service

Clogged drains are a major pain. All Phase Plumbing is here to offer an easy, cost effective solution. To hire one of our trusted licensed plumbers to come out and fix your clogged drain, contact All Phase Plumbing. We’d love to tell you more about what makes use the best drain cleaning service in Granite Bay. You can call us at (916) 929-9019 or fill out our contact form.

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