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Water running out of a sink into an above counter sink bowlA custom freestanding copper bathtub inside of a bathroom surrounded by outdoor windows"An indoor installation featuring a wall-mounted white tankless water heater with a digital display labeled 'Navien'. Below the heater, there's a battery or electrical unit. The water heater has two pipes connected to it - one orange and the other black. The surrounding wall is partially unfinished with visible patches."A close-up view of a modern, polished chrome kitchen faucet with a tall, flexible, arched spout on a dark countertop. In the background, a well-lit, cozy living area is visible, featuring a large white bowl on a table, a couch, French doors, and a television.A close-up view of an 'InSinkErator' garbage disposal unit, model 555ss, boasting 3/4 HP heavy-duty performance with a 5-year in-home warranty label. The unit is mounted under a sink with a black power box labeled 'insinkerator' to its left, and various cords and tubes connected.Two white wall-mounted water heaters side by side, each with a digital control panel. Below each heater are various pipes and valves connected. Annotations and measurements are scribbled on the wall beneath themA white bathtub with a built-in shower, set against a beige wall. A small recessed shelf is on the wall for holding items, and a label is attached inside the tub. Bronze-colored fixtures, including the faucet and showerhead, are installed on the right side of the tub.A clear glass shower enclosure with silver fixtures. Inside, there's a dual showerhead system with both a rainfall and handheld option. The beige wall features a recessed shelf, and overhead lights are reflected at the top of the image. A window is partially visible to the left.""Two tall white cylinders labeled 'H2Ozero' and 'HALO Water Systems', placed side by side against a wall. Each cylinder has black caps with red valves. To the left, there's a smaller blue filter system connected to copper pipes and a control panel. Above the system, there's a gray electrical box on the wall.A large cylindrical 'Bradford White' water heater mounted against a wall with unfinished patchwork. The heater has a gray exterior with labels and safety instructions printed on it. Copper piping is visible at the top, and a small blue expansion tank is attached. A yellow valve handle can be seen near the bottom.A modern bathroom featuring a sleek white freestanding bathtub against a wall with white shutters. A wooden bath caddy rests atop the tub, holding a dark-colored mug. To the left of the tub stands a tall, dark-colored floor-mounted faucet. The room has black tiles with a herringbone pattern accent, and a fluffy white bath mat lies on the floor."A contemporary bathroom showcasing a white freestanding bathtub beside a window with white horizontal blinds. On the tub, a wooden bath tray holds a dark mug. Adjacent to the tub is a dark floor-standing faucet. The lower half of the walls features black tiles with a diagonal design, complemented by a white wooden cabinet on the left. A soft white rug is spread on the floor."A modern bathroom corner featuring a walk-in shower with white horizontal tiling on the walls and a pebble stone floor. A stainless steel handheld showerhead is mounted on the right wall. To the left, a white folding laundry hamper stands next to a draped dark shower curtain. The foreground shows a glimpse of a white bathtub edge and gray floor tiles.A well-lit bathroom with a walk-in shower showcasing white horizontal tiling on the walls and a pebble stone floor. A stainless steel handheld showerhead hangs from the right side. The left shows a dark draped shower curtain, a glimpse of a white toilet, and a wooden shelving unit holding toiletries. A window provides natural light at the top left corner.A compact bathroom featuring a sleek dark grey vanity with a white countertop and integrated sink, paired with a wooden mirrored medicine cabinet above. The frosted window provides privacy while allowing natural light to enhance the neutral tile flooring and white walls.A view of a corner shower with a white surround and a frosted glass window that allows for privacy and natural light. The grey vanity next to it has a matching grey tiled floor, giving the space a cohesive and modern look.A modern, minimalist bathroom with a white toilet against a neutral wall. A manual rests on the closed lid, hinting at recent installation or maintenance. To the left, a glimpse of a grey vanity suggests a color-coordinated decor theme. The light brown tiled floor adds warmth to the space.Elegantly designed bathroom with a white, built-in bathtub and shower, equipped with stainless steel fixtures and safety grab bars.A cozy bathroom corner showcasing a freestanding vanity with ample storage space, situated next to a bright window and under-mounted lighting fixtures

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