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All Phase Plumbing has high standards when it comes to their level of plumbing service quality. With over 25 years of plumbing experience, and hundreds of 5 star reviews, we know what it takes to provide a high quality level of plumbing in Fair Oaks.

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Fair Oaks Plumbing

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We provide high quality plumbing to homeowners located in Fair Oaks. It's been our goal for over 25 years to provide the best plumbing service to any and everyone. Over those 25+ years we've serviced numerous Fair Oaks homes, providing services from routine drain cleaning, tankless water heater installations, to trenchless sewer repairs.

We've really seen it all when it comes to plumbing in Fair Oaks. With hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied customers, we're confident that we provide the best plumbing in Fair Oaks.

Affordable drain cleaning in Fair Oaks

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problem homeowners face. Most Fair Oaks homeowners who call us with a slowly draining drain, or a completely clogged drain, tell us that they have never had their drains cleaned once. Some have lived in their homes for nearly 20 years!

Our drain cleaning plumbing service is available to all Fair Oaks, CA homeowners. If you've tried other methods of cleaning your drain (like draino, or snaking it yourself), and are still experiencing drain problems, then without a doubt you need a professional plumber!

Tankless water heater installation

Most homes built in the 1970s had a traditional gas powered tank water heater installed. At the time these were the best water heaters for residential plumbing.

However, as technology advanced tankless water heaters emerged as a solid upgrade from a traditional gas powered tank water heater. With the recent rise in energy costs across California we've seen an uptick in requests for a tankless water heater installation in Fair Oaks.

Trenchless sewer repair

A broken sewer line is a nasty problem to deal with. Your toilets could get backed up, you'll start smelling sewage around the house, and your yard could become damaged.

With our trenchless sewer repair service we offer to Fair Oaks homeowners, we won't need to dig up your yard to gain access to your sewer lines.

There's 3 simple steps involved

  1. Run a camera down your plumbing systems cleanout (these are extremely easy for us to access).
  2. Dig two holes on opposite ends of the damaged sewer line
  3. We'll use pipe lining, or pipe bursting depending on the severity of your damaged sewer line

Like mentioned in step 3, there are two methods in repairing a broken sewer line. We know that each and every Fair Oaks home situation is different, so we will use the appropriate trenchless sewer repair method to give us the highest quality results.

Heat pump water heater installation

Energy bills across California are approaching the highest we've ever seen. Fair Oaks homeowners are gravitating towards appliances and solutions to try and decrease their overall monthly energy bill.

Our heat pump water heater installation service has been used in Fair Oaks to try an alleviate homeowners high energy bills.

With a heat pump water heater you can experience up to 7 times the energy efficiency when comparing it to a traditional gas water heater. This is because a heat pump water heater will pull natural heat from the area it's installed to heat up water.


Their are around 13,500 housing units in Fair Oaks as of 2023, with the average year in which the properties were built is 1976, according to data from point2homes.

This means that there is a high likely hood your home is using copper pipes for residential plumbing, especially if your home was built before the early 2000s. PVC piping didn't become standard piping for residential plumbing until the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Copper piping on average lasts between 25 - 50 years. With the average age of a Fair Oaks home coming up on 47 years, our repiping service we offer to all Fair Oaks homeowners is seeing an uptick in service requests.

PVC Piping lasts upwards of 100 years, and is prone to less issues when comparing to copper pipes. As always though, the decision is up to the homeowner whether or not they want repiping done with copper pipes or PVC pipes.

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