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All Phase Plumbing is proud to be one of the most trusted plumbers in Roseville, CA. We provide a variety of plumbing services specifically tailored to the Roseville area. With over 25 years of experience as licensed plumbers serving the Roseville area we know all of the common plumbing issues Roseville homeowners face.

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Facing a plumbing issue can significantly disrupt your daily routine, whether you need to install a tankless water heater or clean a clogged drain. It's crucial to address these problems quickly and efficiently, and that's where All Phase Plumbing comes in. As reliable plumbers in Roseville, CA, we take pride in our reputation.

We encourage you to take some time to get to know us better. Understand the range of plumbing services we offer to local residents. Learn about the distinctive traits that make our team unique.

Tankless water heater installation for your Roseville home

Water heater installation in the Roseville area is in high demand. We've been offering tankless water heater installation as one of our primary services since the early 2000s.

We have installed hundreds, if not thousands of tankless water heaters to homeowners in the Roseville area. When it comes to tankless water heaters, our team at All Phase Plumbing is highly experienced. Our average tankless water heater installation time is around 4 - 6 hours. This includes prepping the old water heater, removing the old water heater, installing the tankless water heater, and then cleaning up the area.

We want to make sure every Roseville customer of ours gets the highest quality from us when it comes to our tankless water heater installation service.

Get a trenchless sewer repair estimate in Roseville

Trenchless sewer repairs are by far our most popular service. So much so we've become one of the best plumbing companies in Roseville that offers this service. We're able to do a trenchless sewer repair in Roseville with little to no digging at all. All we need access to is your Roseville homes sewer line (which is relatively easy to access all things considered), and then from there we'll be able to diagnose any problem with your homes sewer line.

If your Roseville home needs a sewer repair, we'll be able to repair it within 1 - 2 days. Our trenchless sewer repair process allows us to complete these repairs extremely fast. A normal sewer repair would take several days longer, but trenchless sewer repair is what allows us to cut that time down to just 1 - 2 days.

We install heat pump water heaters for Roseville homeowners

At All Phase Plumbing we offer heat pump water heater installation in Roseville as one of our main services. More recently it has become one of the more popular services we've offered to Roseville homeowners. We've found that heat pump water heaters are one of the best, if not the best option for local Roseville residents.

Energy prices are already sky high in Roseville, reaching upwards of $800 a month in the summer and winter seasons. Something as simple as running hot water in the water while washing your hands, or taking a shower with hot water all use electricity to heat the water.

It gets pretty cold during the winter season in Roseville, so it's natural that hot water is something we gravitate towards. The main benefit of a heat pump water heater is that it eliminates the need to use gas to heat your water. In doing so, it saves you hundreds of dollars a year in electricity costs. Over the lifetime of your heat pump water heater you can expect to break even on your purchase.

We offer drain cleaning for your Roseville home

We all know the feeling of having a clogged drain. Not just any normal clogged drain that can be fixed in a couple minutes, but a drain only a professional plumber can unclog. Our drain cleaning in Roseville service will actively prevent clogged drains. Drains will collect soap scum, hair, fats, and grease throughout the years of use. This buildup will eventually cause a clogged drain.

If you've been living in your Roseville home for around 10+ years getting a drain cleaning would more than likely be beneficial to help prevent any drains from getting clogged. Drain cleaning will also help prevent scaling from occurring within your pipes.

If you have metal pipes (like copper), rust can build up and be a major issue if left untreated. With PVC pipes rust isn't an issue, but minerals can build up and damage your pipes, causing your drain to clog.

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