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All Phase Plumbing has been serving the Lincoln area for over 25 years. We are one of the most trusted plumbers in Lincoln, and provide a variety of plumbing services specifically for Lincoln homeowners. We are experienced licensed plumbers and know how to fix any plumbing issue you bring to us.

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Lincoln Plumbing

Trusted plumbers in Lincoln, CA

All Phase Plumbing has been serving the Lincoln are for almost 30 years now. We've been around for a long time and know the Lincoln area well. As of the 2022, Lincoln's population was estimated to be at 52,534 based off of a 2022 estimate from the United States Census Bureau.

The population has grown from 11,205 in the 2000 census, to 42,819 in the 2010 census, to now an estimated 52,434. This recent growth has caused a large spike in plumbing calls from Lincoln. We have completed hundreds of plumbing projects for Lincoln homeowners. This level of experience has made us one of the most trusted plumbers servicing the Lincoln area.

Our heat pump water heater installation service for Lincoln

A large majority of Lincoln homes have a regular gas powered water heater. With energy bills sky high right now, considering a heat pump water heater is a great option to lower your overall energy output per month.

The average energy bill for a Lincoln homeowner is $217/month, based off EnergySage's energy estimate for Lincoln homes. Heat pump water heaters don't run off of gas. Instead, they run off of electricity. Heat pump water heaters will pull existing heat around your Lincoln home, and then use that to heat up your water. No gas is used, and less electricity is used than most tankless water heaters.

When we install a heat pump water heater, what we'll initially do is remove your old water heater. Most often than not, especially in Lincoln, this will be a gas powered tank water heater. Well shut off all of the gas lines and safely remove your old tank water heater. We'll then prepare the area, and install the heat pump water heater in the most efficient location. The entire heat pump water heater installation process shouldn't take more than 3 to 4 hours.

Hydro jetting for your Lincoln home

Our hydro jetting in Lincoln service makes sure the interior of your plumbing pipes are clean throughout your entire home. While a majority of Lincoln's housing is new, there are a lot of homes having problems with their drains and requesting an inspection from us.

We don't always need to perform a hydro jetting on your home, so what well initially do is find your homes plumbing system cleanout and run a camera through your pipes and looking for anything that might be causing your drain issue. If we identify a problem that can be solved by hydro jetting

A professional drain cleaning in Lincoln

Our drain cleaning service is a highly sought out server for Lincoln homeowners. While most homes are new, there are still a lot of homes made prior to 2020. These homes benefit greatly from drain cleaning, as it'll actively prevent your drains from clogging up. Especially in those older homes where years upon years of grease, hair, and debris have built up.

Some Lincoln homeowners have told us they've lived in the same house for 20+ years without a single drain cleaning! They had been living with a slowly draining drain for years before using our drain cleaning service. We followed up with them a couple years later and they've been problem free ever since -- no clogs, and their drain has been draining water like it was brand new.

All Phase Plumbing's trenchless sewer repair in Lincoln

We offer trenchless sewer repair in Lincoln for any homeowner with a backed up or broken sewer line. Most of the time the Lincoln homeowners that contact us aren't even aware that their sewer line is backed up or broken.

They're experiencing all of the signs associated with it, but just don't know that the sewer line is the problem. Something like a higher water bill than normal, a backed up toilet, or a build up of water in the front yard are a lot of the common signs we see associated with a damaged sewer line.

With our trenchless sewer repair service, we don't have to dig up your yard. We'll run a camera down your sewer line to find the area that's damaged or clogged. When we locate the damage we'll make 2 small access holes on each end of the damaged area allowing us to insert the new pipe and bond it to your existing one.

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