Hydro Jetting in Lincoln, CA

Is your main sewer line backed up, or even your whole house? If so, you may want to consider using our hydro jetting service. The equipment we use will clear clogs quick and efficiently.

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Hydro jetting for your main sewer in Lincoln

The tools we use for hydro jetting come equipped with the ability to highly pressurize water up to around 4000 PSI. This allows us to remove sludge, grease, and things like tree roots from your sewer drainage lines. Since hydro jetting is just highly pressurized water, there are no harsh chemicals involved flowing through your water line or sewer line.

With our hydro jetting plumbing service we can safely use highly pressurized water to clear away almost any obstruction. You can think of it like pressure washing the inside of your drain pipes, but a lot more powerful.

If you reach out to us requesting our hydro jetting plumbing service we will first send out one of our technicians to do a video inspect of your pipes to make sure there isn’t a more severe underlying issue (like a broken or cracked pipe). We’ll also inspect the condition of your pipes to make sure the high water pressure from hydro jetting doesn’t cause any damage to your pipes.

Drain hydro jetting Lincoln

We get a lot of plumbing calls related clogged drains in Lincoln. One of the most common sewer line drain clogs we see are due to tree roots. Tree roots will grow into the crevices of the sewer line. Over time this will lead to massive sewer line blockage unless fixed.

Our experienced hydro jetting technicians will know the correct amount of water pressure required to dislodge any obstructions (tree roots, etc). They will also know the correct amount of pressure to use on your pipes to not cause any damage. There are plenty of DIY solutions offering hydro jetting like tools to unclog your drain. But, we think it’s important that only an experienced Lincoln licensed plumber should utilize drain hydro jetting on your pipes.

Hydro jetting sewer line cleaning Lincoln

Without hydro jetting service you’ll actually clean your sewer line and drains. There are tools out there like a plumbing snake, but those really only just poke holes in any sludge built up in your pipes. Plumbing snakes will allow water to flow again, but the drain will just clog back up.

With hydro jetting we are truly cleaning the inside of your pipes. Hydro jetting completely removes any blockage and sewage buildup and make your pipes as clean as wastewater pipes can be.

When we hydro jet your sewer line in Lincoln we won’t need to dig anywhere. We can gain access to your sewer line through the sewer clean out line. This makes hydro jetting an extremely fast way to clean your obstructed sewer line. Most of our hydro jetting cleaning service jobs take around 60 minutes; if you have a lot of blockage it could possibly take up to 90 minutes.

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