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All Phase Plumbing has been servicing the Orangevale, CA area since the early 2000s. With over 20 years of experience fixing plumbing issues for local Orangevale residents, All Phase Plumbing has built up the trust with the Orangevale community to be one of the top plumbing companies in the area.

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Orangevale Plumbing

Top rated Orangevale plumbers

All Phase Plumbing has been providing top of the line plumbing services to the Orangevale region since 1996. We've done thousands of plumbing service calls for Orangevale homeowners leading to thousands of happy customers.

With the average year of a home in Orangevale being built in 1975, it's important to pick a plumbing company that has good quality ratings for other locals, and one that's been in business for a while. With homes in Orangevale you can expect to need plumbing service at some point.

Most homes in the Orangevale area were built with copper pipes, meaning you'll probably need a repiping done at some point in the future as copper pipes tend to need replacement after 20 - 50 years. If you have a newer home, built sometime in the early 2000s, your home is using PVC pipes which are rated to last upwards of 100 years.

Top rated tankless water heater installation

The average year a Orangevale home was built is 1975, according to data from point2home. This means a large majority of the 14,381 homes are using traditional gas water heaters with a tank. Our tankless water heater installation service in Orangevale is something all Orangevale homeowners should consider using if their energy bills are high.

We install electric tankless water heaters over gas ones. Electric tankless water heaters are more energy efficient, meaning you'll be saving money each year compared to a traditional gas water heater. This is one of the main advantages when comparing to a traditional gas water heater.

When we install a tankless water heater for Orangevale residents, we take extreme caution and care when removing the old gas power traditional tank water heater.

Orangevale drain cleaning services

It's very important to keep your drains clean, especially if you live in Orangevale. Most Orangevale homes were built in 1975, meaning that the average local Orangevale homeowner has old plumbing systems. Drain cleaning your Orangevale home will completely clean out your drains, removing the 20+ years of build up the Orangevale pipes have accumulated.

With copper pipes, their usual lifespan is around 20 - 50 years, so if your home was built in the early to mid 70s then you should consider getting a preventative drain cleaning done.

What this will do is clean out the inside of your pipes. Even if you've never had any plumbing issues before water contains minerals which can slowly build up over time. Years and years of water running through your copper pipes will accumulate mineral deposits, potentially damaging or clogging up your pipes.

Orangevale's top heat pump water heater installation

Heat pump water heaters are becoming increasingly popular among Orangevale homeowners. Most of the water heaters in Orangevale are your typical gas water heaters with a tank. These have been the bread and butter for almost every home for years now.

Recently though, homeowners have been searching for alternative heating methods with the massive increase in energy related bills. That is why we have been offering heat pump water heater installation as a service to Orangevale residents. Pulling natural heat from the location of the heat pump, you're able to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

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