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All Phase Plumbing offers repiping services to Sacramento homeowners. Repiping is often used in older Sacramento homes with copper pipes where corrosion is more likely to happen.

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Repiping services Sacramento

Repiping Sacramento homes is becoming an increasingly popular plumbing service in the area. There are over 203,000 housing units in Sacramento, with the median year of them being built in 1975. Copper pipes were used extensively throughout the United States until the early 2000s, where PEX pipes became the dominant form of plumbing pipe.

Copper pipes are prone to many issues, one of the most common ones is corrosion and deterioration to the interior of the pipes. Copper pipes can react to water with high acidity causing the aforementioned corrosion to occur. The corrosion of these copper pipes lead to pinhole type leaks, and pressure sensitivity.

Considering that most of the homes built in Sacramento were when copper pipes were the most popular type of pipe to use for a plumbing system, we have seen a large uptick in requests for professional repiping services.

Signs you need a repiping done to your Sacramento home

We’ve noticed a trend in Sacramento homes that are usually associated with needed a repiping done. Repiping services are usually required when:

  • Change in water pressure - If you notice a drastic change in your water pressure there is most likely a pinhole leak in your copper pipes due to corrosion.
  • A noticeable color change in your water - A change in water color could mean there is corrosion inside of your copper pipe. There might not be enough corrosion to cause a pinhole leak, but there is enough to change the waters color.
  • Bad-tasting water - Water that tastes off, or has a foul smell to it is a sign that your Sacramento home has corrosion and needs a repiping done.
  • A sudden increase in water bills - this can mean you have a leak in your pipes which is an easy fix for a plumber. If you experience an increase in your water bills along with any of the previous items, then that is a reason to consider a repiping for your Sacramento home.
  • You have an old house - Houses built up until the early 2000s used copper pipe instead of the now standard PEX pipes. Like stated before, copper pipes can have corrosion built up over time and need to be repiped. If your house was built before the early 2000s, and it’s been over 20 years, then it’s probably time to call a plumber to inspect the condition of your pipes to see if you need a repiping done on your Sacramento home.

If you experience any of these issues, then you probably need to get a repiping done for your Sacramento home.

How much does a PEX repipe cost in Sacramento?

In Sacramento, the cost of a PEX repipe a question we get a lot from homeowners looking to upgrade their existing plumbing pipes. Numerous factors can impact the total cost, such as the size of the home, the complexity of the project, and any unique features of the plumbing system. Each home in Sacramento is different, so our precise estimates are tailored to individual homes.

What are the benefits of PEX for my Sacramento home?

There are plenty of benefits PEX repiping can bring to Sacramento homes. One of them is the flexibility of PEX piping. This allows for less intrusive installation with fewer joints and reduced risk of leaks. Resistance to scale and chlorine, as well as to extreme high and low temperatures, are other benefits that are offered by PEX. Additionally, PEX repiping is found to be quieter, lessening the chances of disruptive water hammer noises. Sacramento homeowners tell us that one of the top reasons they chose PEX pipes over copper pipes is the significant cost advantage PEX pipes offer.

Should I choose PEX tubing or copper pipe for my Sacramento repipe?

The decision between PEX tubing and copper pipe for Sacramento repipe projects is one we see a lot. A comparison of the two is always appreciated by homeowners in their decision-making process. PEX, being a modern, flexible, and cost-effective solution, is often the choice for those seeking an affordable, quick, and less intrusive installation. On the other hand, copper, known for its longevity and is the choice of those who prefer a more traditional and time-tested approach.

When we ask Sacramento homeowners why they choose copper over PEX the single biggest reason is they don’t like the idea of having plastic pipes. Historically there has been concern about PEX pipes leaching chemicals into water, but after governmental review, PEX is considered completely safe for drinking water.

In theory copper pipes should have a longer lasting lifespan for homes in Sacramento, but this can be significantly shortened by chemicals in water systems. This is much less of an issue with PEX pipes.

Each choice is subject to individual homeowner preferences and the specific needs of the property, with both offering unique advantages.

Newly installed pipes from a repiping service running through a house torn down to wooden studs for a full remodelNewly installed pipes from a repiping service running through a house torn down to wooden studs for a full remodel

A repiping for a customer in Sacramento after completing the top-out phase.

Repiping for a Sacramento homeowner

The picture above is a from a repiping job we've been working on in Sacramento. This part of the repiping process is called a top-out. With a top-out we install pipes all throughout the house and connect them to the water supply lines, drain lines, vents, etc.

Once the rest of the remodel is finished we'll come back and we'll install the faucets, garbage disposals, trim (for shower valves), toilets, etc.

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