Water line repair in Fair Oaks, CA

If you notice a pool of water in your yard outside, your water bill is higher than normal, or hear water running when all valves are shut off in your home, then there’s a high possibility you have a leaking water pipe, and need to get your water line repaired.

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Fair Oaks Plumbing

Signs you might need water line repair in Fair Oaks

There are a couple things to look out for when considering a water line repair for your Fair Oaks home, and may indicate you need to call a professional plumber.

  • Higher than normal water bill: A higher water bill usually isn’t a cause for concern. However, if you notice a higher than normal water bill over the course of multiple months, then this is usually the first indicator you might have a leak in your home’s water line. Look out for around a 20% jump in your water bill costs, this is usually the point we recommend to start troubleshooting for a water leak.
  • Saturated water spots in your yard: Look for any unusually soggy areas in your front yard. These water spots usually indicate a leak below the surface, and should be cause for concern. A good way to check for this if you suspect a water line leak is to walk through your front yard and feel for anything areas pooled with water.
  • Listen for a water leak: More often then not you can hear a water leak in your home. Listen to areas where you know pipes are running behind your walls. The water leak could come from a crawl space, but more often than not we find that homeowners can hear a water leak from inside their walls. Walk through your home and listen for any sounds of water spraying.
  • Water spots on flooring: Water spots on your carpet, or subsurface flooring (if you suspect a water leak and remove some of your carpet to confirm), can be almost guaranteed indicators of a water line leak.

If you discover that your Fair Oaks home is experiencing a water line leak, and needs a repair, you will want to call a licensed plumber immediately. Licensed plumbers will know what to do when your house has a water line leak.

Licensed plumbers will do a thorough assessment on your pipes to identify where the water line repair needs to take place. They also cary specialized plumbing tools that provide leak detection without the need of removing your front yard, flooring, or walls. A licensed plumber will only ever do something like that once they detect the leak to make the proper water line repair, or water line replacement.

Fair Oaks water line replacement

There are multiple ways a plumber can repair a water line. It depends on the year your house was built, and what type of foundation your house is built on. Some homes have crawl spaces where the water line is located, while other homes have a slab foundation where the water line is run underneath the slab.

Repairing a water line with foundation

If your home was built recently there’s a high chance you have a slab foundation. If the water line leak is detected underneath the slab foundation, we will need to remove the impacted area to make the necessary repair. This is so we can expose the broken pipe and make the necessary repair to your water line.

Repairing a water line with a crawl space

Older homes have a higher chance of having a crawl space where their water lines are located. These repairs usually don’t require any digging. A plumber will just need access to the crawl space to make the necessary water line repair to your Fair Oaks home.

Repairing a water line in the front yard

Sometimes a water line is damaged in the pipes located underneath your Fair Oaks homes front yard. If that’s the case then a plumber will locate the area where the water line is damaged, and then dig up a small area in your front yard. A plumber won’t dig up more area in your Fair Oaks homes front yard than is necessary to repair your water line.

Trenchless water line repair

There are cases where an excavation can be avoided, and many plumbers (including All Phase Plumbing!), offer trenchless water line replacement. Trenchless water line replacement usually involves using a machine to break up the old pipe, will simultaneously installing the new pipe.

Water pipe leak repair in Fair Oaks

Water lines that develop leaks are usually associated with older Fair Oaks homes. Over time water lines degrade naturally due to friction and constant use. Abrasion and corrosion of the pipe throughout the lifetime of your Fair Oaks home can cause a split in your pipe. This is the number one reason for water line leaks we see in Fair Oaks.

Another way water pipes can leak is if the pipes come apart at the glued joint space. Water at low temperatures can over expand the pipe causing the glue to come apart at the joints.

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